New book on cycling with inspiration from all around the world

"Cyclists & Cycling Around the World" is the title of a new book written by 25 cycling experts from around the world.

Af Frits Bredal
22. maj 2014

The book "Cyclists & Cycling Around the World" gives us a global overview of the best experiences and examples from all over the world.

The aim of the book is to inspire cities to develop their cycle culture and infrastructure, or to simply get started with setting up a cycle culture from the very beginning. So, the book is designed to create more bike-friendly cities with a high quality of life.

The book contains 25 articles written by cycling experts from various continents, countries and cities. The authors are a mixture of local transport planners, and cycle lobbyists and researchers.

"Cyclists & Cycling Around the World" is divided into seven chapters, each of which in its own way provides inspiration to increase bike share in the world's major cities: 1) Bicycle culture. 2) Bicycle-friendly cities with a high quality of life. 3) Cycle infrastructure. 4) Safety for cyclists. 5) Bicycles. 6) Bicycle policy. 7) Cycle Advocacy and Education.

One of the chapters in the book, "Cycle Training for Children – Take a child's perspective and make it fun!", was written by Mai-Britt Kristensen from the Danish Cyclists Federation in cooperation with Loa Bendix.

The Dane behind the book

It was the Dane, Lotte Bech, who was able to find and bring together the many different authors and articles. She got the idea for the book when she was invited to a number of international conferences to talk about our experience here in Denmark in developing our cycle culture:

"Through my work in the City of Copenhagen with cycle planning and later through my involvement in the Cyclist Association's international work, I have experienced a growing interest from cities around the world in learning from other cities’ experiences in the cycling sector.  I have been greatly impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of the people who work with cycle planning and promotion, regardless of how developed their cycle culture is. There are so many valuable lessons to learn, which can be a source of inspiration for other cities, as well as for us in Denmark. With this book about cycling, I have tried to contribute by disseminating the experiences and inspiring people to design cities which are wonderful places to live, "says Lotte Bech.

"Cyclists & Cycling Around the World" has a total of 335 pages, and is richly illustrated with photos from all over the world.

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