Riding towards the world’s most vital goals

Being able to cycle brings freedom, happiness and new experiences. Danish Cyclists' Federation work to make the bicycle the natural, safe everyday choice for all, and to harness the bicycle to bring about a healthier, more sustainable world.

For generations, cycling has made a big difference to our everyday lives, our health, our environment and our towns. Denmark’s strong cycling culture, and its importance to the quality of our everyday life, are the result of our personal choices and sound political priorities.

This progress must be maintained and strengthened, because it is more important than ever for more people to choose the bike: far too many Danes die early because of their inactive lifestyle. In and around the towns, our roads are clogging up with traffic queues and congestion. Our world is threatened by enormous global climate challenges.

This is why we at the Danish Cyclists’ Federation are hard at work pushing for political priorities that will enable everyone to choose a healthy, active way of life, and that will unleash the enormous social potential of a strong cycling culture.

We are working for a world where everyone can experience the freedom of cycling. Where all children start cycling early. Where everyone can cycle safe and sound. Whatever their age. Whether they are town or country dwellers. Whether they are everyday cyclists, fitness cyclists, mountain bikers or cycle tourists.

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation is a democratic organization where everyone can get involved. As Denmark’s leading cycling organization, we collaborate with anyone who wants an active lifestyle and efficient transport. We have a presence all over Denmark and take part in local, national and international alliances.

Only collectively can we make the bicycle the safe, natural choice for everyday transport. Only together can we bring about a healthier, more sustainable world.