Danish Cyclists' Federation

Being able to cycle brings freedom, happiness and new experiences. Danish Cyclists' Federation work to make the bicycle the natural, safe everyday choice for all, and to harness the bicycle to bring about a healthier, more sustainable world.

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation is the only transport organization in Denmark that speaks the cyclists’ cause. We have an ongoing contact with politicians and officials in the parliament and a long list of municipalities – and the Danish Cyclists’ Federation sits at the table when future traffic is debated and solutions to be found.

Holiday in Denmark? We have compiled a list of useful sites

Cycling Games: Safe cyclists starts with cycling games

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation about helmet wear

Also visit: Cycling Embassy of Denmark

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  • Making Denmark an even better bicycle country

    More than one million Danes use their bicycle for daily transport – and Denmark is famous around the world for it. Never the less it is only a fraction of the money spent on transportation that is used for improving bicycle conditions. So, there is still room for improvement. The Danish Cyclists’ Federation is the organization that places cycling on the political agenda in Denmark.

We are working for a world where everyone can experience the freedom of cycling. Where all children start cycling early. Where everyone can cycle safe and sound.

A private NGO

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation is a non-political interest group. Most of our income comes from campaigns and other projects where we gather new knowledge on how to strengthen the Danish cycling culture. But luckily, we also have around 16,000 members who support our work with their contributions.

The Danish Cyclists' Federation: Riding towards the world’s most vital goals