Safe cyclists start with cycling games

Why play on your bike?

The first step on the way to kick-starting a love of cycling and becoming a safe cyclist is playing cycling games! Through cycling games, children learn balance, speed and distance judgement, spatial and directional sense and all types of cycling manoeuvre – all without noticing it, because they are just playing and having fun.

A child who is busy keeping their balance and keeping their feet on the pedals is not ready to be let out in traffic, where they must be able to concentrate on what is happening around them. Once you can catch soap bubbles and ‘tilt at the ring’ while riding a bike, though, suddenly you will have enough capacity to keep an eye out for other road users. And then you are well on the way to becoming a traffic-safe cyclist.

Are you going to play a long? Get the instructions by downloading the book "20 Cycling Games - more fun cycling training for all children"

The English translation of the book and the videos is supported by the SRAM Foundation.

Who participates in the cycling games?

  • Cycling games are intended mainly for children between the ages of 2 and 12, but many older children nowadays have underdeveloped motor skills, and they too will be able to benefit from these cycling games.

  • The games are easy to organize and can be varied and adapted to children’s age and abilities, so, whether those playing are preschool, early-years or intermediate-stage children, there is plenty to challenge them.

20 Cycling Games

The games are divided into four categories: 'Motor skills', 'Catching games', 'Cognition' and 'Teamwork'. The easiest games in each category come first. The game descriptions are meant as inspiration. It is up to you as the game leader to find what works the best for you and your target group with the physical setting and equipment you have available. So, by all means invent your own variations or completely new games!

Read more about all 20 cycling games on each of the four category pages.

VIDEOES: How about watching the cycling games in action?

Our talented game instructor shows how to play the cycling games. Click on the name of the game to watch the video. You find the instructions of each game from the book '20 Cycling Games' in the following links. The instructions also show how the games can be either simplified or developed, and how you can play different variations of the games.


Motor skills

How about practicing the children's motor skills by catching bubbles, doing brake marks or maybe even go on an adventurous cycle safari?

Read more about the games

Catching Games

Most children have had lots of fun during catching games, so why not bring those catching games onto their bikes and create safe cyclists?

Read more about the games


These games challenge the children in both memory and orientation ability. Play a long and get one step closer to the children's traffic safety!

Read more about the games


When out on the cycling lanes it will rarely just be you alone. The ground stone is teamwork so start the practise early with these games.

Read more about the games


Riding towards the world’s most vital goals

Being able to cycle brings freedom, happiness and new experiences. Danish Cyclists' Federation work to make the bicycle the natural, safe everyday choice for all, and to harness the bicycle to bring about a healthier, more sustainable world.

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Biking in Denmark

It is a brilliant idea to spend your time in Denmark on a bike. We have compiled a list of useful sites that will help you plan a great holiday here. We hope you have a wonderful stay in Denmark.

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About helmet wear

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation recommends that cyclists wear helmet but we are against helmet compulsion.

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