Biking in Denmark

It is a brilliant idea to spend your time in Denmark on a bike. We have compiled a list of useful sites that will help you plan a great holiday here. We hope you have a wonderful stay in Denmark.

General planning

Biking in Copenhagen

Routes and inspiration: Read all about Bike City Copenhagen

Rent a bike: Check out Visit Copenhagen's guide to bike rentals

Bike tours and sightseeing: See the list of guided bike tours at

Cycling guidelines: Copenhagen is a city with dense bicycle traffic. During rush hours it is especially important to be aware of other people in the traffic. Here are some valuable tips for getting around the city by bike in a safe and comfortable way:

Public transportation

Bikes are allowed on most trains, some busses and all ferries

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Cycling games

The first step on the way to kick-starting a love of cycling and becoming a safe cyclist is playing cycling games!

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About helmet wear

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation recommends that cyclists wear helmet but we are against helmet compulsion.

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Riding towards the world’s most vital goals

Being able to cycle brings freedom, happiness and new experiences. Danish Cyclists' Federation work to make the bicycle the natural, safe everyday choice for all, and to harness the bicycle to bring about a healthier, more sustainable world.

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